Corporate Services

At Lullaby Sleep, we understand the struggles many companies have managing staff fatigue in the workplace, which is commonly related to poor sleep quality.

Our Corporate Sleep Services Team was established in response to the increasing demand placed upon companies operating in Australia and abroad to address OHS needs. Our team specialises in providing quick, smooth and easy OHS Staff Sleep Assessments (including Sleep Testing & Sleep Physician Consults) for corporate businesses, to help improve work safety and productivity.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation Report, four in ten Australians don’t get enough sleep. A large number of people diagnosed with a sleep disorder or chronic sleep deprivation are actively working. The report also reveals that in a one-month period 17% of people missed work because they were sleepy and 17% fell asleep on the job. In fact, productivity losses and costs associated with sick leave costs $32.5 billion per annum in payroll costs, with the average cost to employers being $374 per employee sick day.

Not getting enough sleep also contributes to

  • Increased workplace accidents
  • Decreased communication levels
  • Poor Performance
  • Increased distraction
  • More mistakes

  • Bad mood

  • Poor memory function

  • Driving impairments or accidents

Some might think there is no path for an Employer to improve the sleep health of their workers.

This is where we can help. If an employee is suffering from sleep deprivation, insomnia, sleep disordered breathing, anxiety or other illness,  by providing a Corporate Sleep Assessment to your staff, such as Educational talks, Sleep Testing and Sleep Physician Consultations as part of your staff OHS medical reviews, you can improve your workplace environment, production and benefit the employee.  Even just one hour of extra sleep can make a big difference to staff output. Happier, healthier employees mean a happier, healthier employer.

Studies recommend seven to nine hours of quality sleep are required to be efficient at work. The threshold is six hours and if staff fall below that, they double the risk of an accident or injury. If they go below five hours sleep, there is measurable impairment that is inconsistent with safety at work.

Our local knowledge, coupled with our extensive National experience, means you can be assured that we are always able to provide you with informed and timely solutions wherever you are based. 

How Lullaby OHS Sleep Assessments may help your company

  • Reduces staff sick leave
  • Improved staff performance
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Increased work output
  • Improve staff mood and moral
  • Reduces costs due to mistakes or incident and repairs
  • Improve Driving and reduces accidents.

Our unique service is:

  • Backed with years of industry experience and qualified Sleep Specialist Doctors, headed by our Clinical Director Dr. Dev Banerjee.
  • Efficient with quick turnaround times and an easy simple process for all.
  • Easily accessible. We provide national and global services via online video consults. Wherever Australia Post goes, we service. Wherever there is internet or wifi, we are there.
  • Affordable, measurable and can help improve your business revenue, whilst maintaining high quality and timely services.
  • Servicing national corporate companies with their Sleep Assessment needs, ie: Transport, Aviation, Mining, Education sectors and many more.

We look forward to discussing our services with you in greater detail.  Please call our Corporate Service Team on 1300 375 384 to arrange a meeting to discover how we can support your staff and help improve your business.