Bruxism – 8% of Australian Adults

Definition: Grinding or clenching teeth while sleeping.

If you grind your teeth at night, join the thousands of other Americans that do too. You might not know that you do, but if you have a partner, they may have pointed it out to you. Your dentist may also be able to tell if you have bruxism because it can damage your teeth by flattening them, wearing the enamel, and causing sensitivity.

 Some signs that you have bruxism are a tired jaw, headaches, sores on the cheek from biting, or earache pain. Like many disorders, stress, age, and family history have a lot to do with why you might grind your teeth. Children can have bruxism too, so be sure to take them to the dentist regularly.

 Mouthguards and dental correction are some forms of treatment to protect your teeth, but stress management and treating any possible related disorders can help minimize grinding.