WATCH: Dr Mark Levi discusses Sleep Test Machine

Dr. Mark Levi Discusses Sleep Test CPAP Machines With Talking Lifestyle!

Video Highlights:

Dr Mark Levi proudly shares with the listeners and viewers (via Facebook Live) of Talking Lifestyle the $10,000-worth sleep machine – SLEEP TEST and why it’s important to try one.

The Sleep Test machine, according to our Sleep Expert Dr Mark Levi, determines if someone is snoring, how much someone is snoring, oxygen saturation.

It could also tell whether the person being diagnosed sleeps on the left or right side as well as the time you went to sleep and for how long.

As Dr Levi also added,

“It [Sleep Test Machine] will tell you when you stop breathing; for how long you stopped breathing.”

Watch the exciting full video below for a deeper understanding on how a Sleep Test Machine works:

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