My Journey with CPAP Therapy

One of the success stories of Dr. Levi’s Sleep Clinic. It’s been a long journey for Joe but it’s all worth it. Here’s his testimony:

Zoe: Okay, we’ve got Joe here, Oasis file number 020748. Hi Joe, how are you doing?

Joe: Good. Thanks, Zoe.

Zoe: Good. So we just want to ask a few questions about how everything’s going with your CPAP therapy. Where did it all start for you, Joe?

Joe: Okay. It started on Facebook. That’s where I saw you guys advertised and honestly speaking, I’ve been struggling for many many years and never done anything about it but I’m in a position now in life that I had to do something about it and when I saw you guys on Facebook well I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s a bit of time. I came in and honestly speaking I never looked back.

Zoe: Yep. So it’s all worked.

Joe: You guys changed my life dramatically.

Zoe: Wow!

Joe: I have grown from a hundred and eight times per hour and it’s starting to bring to 1.4 so much no point. It’s just been amazing. I’m more fresh and lose a bit of weight. Thanks to you guys. My career is looking better and better.

Zoe: So what do you do for your career?

Joe: I’m a professional entertainer slash starting actor.

Zoe: That’s awesome! So this means you can get up feeling more refreshed throughout the morning. You know to tap your day, be able to go to work, you know do all those things. Easy breezy rather than sluggish and dragging yourself throughout the day.

Joe: Yes, very much. My court was at 7 pm to be there. I mean by the time I came to my turn to the film was quarter to 5 in the morning, everyone was half asleep I could not sleep and then even when I got back to my motel room, I could not sleep. It took me another half an hour before I could sleep. This is an amazing life, I found this energy and even I was a kid, I never feel like this.

Zoe: Yeah.

Joe: I’m sleeping between 7 to 11 hours at night. Thank you, guys

Zoe: That’s our pleasure.

Joe: And you, you’re an amazing young lady. I absolutely appreciate the way you treat me, the way you help me in every way in whatsoever and Dr. Levi, amazing. Dr. Dev.

Zoe: Banerjee?

Joe: Yeah, amazing.

Zoe: Yep. That’s awesome.

Joe: Truly recommended to anyone and I’m your #1 ambassador.

Zoe: Thank you, Joe. I appreciate that. It’s been a journey, hasn’t it? But it’s a great one, so that’s awesome. Well, thank you so much.

Joe. Pleasure. Thank You!

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