Which Treatment is right for your Snoring or Sleep Apnoea?

There are many different treatments on the market for treating snoring or sleep apnoea. All treatments are different and need to be tailored to a patient’s needs after a thorough assessment of their sleeping behavior. Patients should also be aware of all the pro’s and con’s of each treatment option.


CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is a machine that uses mild air pressure to keep airways open.


The CPAP machine has a high efficacy rate for treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea and allows patients to get better quality sleep, resulting in increased energy during the day.


The machine requires patients to wear a facial mask every night, which can be off putting to some patients.

MAS (Snoring Mouthguard)

MAS stands for Mandibular Advancement Splint and takes the form of a mouth guard which is designed to fit inside your mouth while you sleep. The device brings the jaw forward and lifts the soft palate while holding the tongue forward in order to open up the airway.


This device has a 93% success rate for snoring and sleep apnoea and is less cumbersome than the CPAP machine. It is comfortable to wear and completely safe


The device needs to be worn every night to work.


Surgery is usually the last resort when other treatments have failed to improve snoring or sleep apnoea. The surgery will be tailored to suit the particular blockage causing the obstruction to the airways.


Surgery is often an effective option for those who have not received relief from other treatments.


All surgery carries risks to the health of the patient and can also be expensive.


Laser treatment works to tighten the soft tissue at the back of your throat which is responsible for obstructing the airway.


Laser treatment is painless, non-invasive and requires no downtown. Dr Mark Levi and world renowned Dr Harvey Shiffman (Florida, USA) get an average improvement of 75% or greater using the NightLase laser treatment (with the Florida protocols). The treatment is delivered in three twenty-minute sessions over a period of six weeks and, unlike other popular treatment doesn’t require you to wear any device while you sleep.


The effects of the treatment don’t last forever and maintenance treatments are required.
At Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic, we take great care in creating customized solutions for each individual patient through our home-based sleep study assessments. These assessments allow us to collect data while you sleep, enabling us to recommend the best possible treatment plan for you. We can choose the right treatment for your unique needs.

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