Amazing Result After a Sleep Test

Staff: Hi, we’ve got Cathy here. Oasis File # 020740. How are you doing Cathy?

Cathy: Really good.

Staff: That’s good. So tell me a little bit about what you originally came into the sleep clinic for? Where did it all start for you?

Cathy: I was snoring a lot. My partner was complaining that I was keeping him awake. I was tired during the day. I had quite labile mood swings. I was feeling quite down. I was going through quite a messy divorce at the time and the stress of working full time at the age of 51. I drank alcohol anytime. I would snore all night long and to the point where my partner had to sleep in another room. So it was quite a big impact on my life at the time.

Staff: Yeah, so how did you find out when you came in and you received results from the sleep test to realize that you had obstructive sleep apnea, what happened from there?

Cathy: It was a little bit of a shock to see that it was quite severe when I was lying on my back and that I was ethnic during the night. That made a lot of sense to me as I’m a health professional and I was falling asleep trying to do work on the computer. It was quite enlightening to know that there was something to start to work with.

Staff: Yeah, to get the answer. So we put you on a sleep trial, which ran for three weeks. How did you feel after your trial and even up until now? How do you feel from using the therapy?

Cathy: Yeah, it was absolutely amazing. The first week, I was literally bouncing out of bed in the morning. Even yourself was quite amazed that I was getting an eight hours quality sleep. The difference in my mood and in my ability to cope with stress. The resilience that I had was just phenomenal. It gave me the courage to challenge everything that I had to do during the day.

Staff: So did you stopped falling asleep at the computer at work?

Cathy: Absolutely! I stopped falling asleep and I was more productive. I was getting my work done more efficiently. So my brain was functioning better.

Staff: And you were able to help your patients.

Cathy: That’s exactly right.

Staff: Well, that’s awesome Cathy. Well, thank you for today.

Cathy: Thank you!


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