How Sleep Apnea Machine Changed My Life

Dr. Levi: Okay. So today on our star attraction we have Carmel and I think the short version before I come, I’ll have a chat is that we saw Carmel about 9 months ago. Carmel, why don’t you tell me how you were nine months ago and what happened? Tell a story.

Carmel: Okay.

Dr. Levi: I know you were laughing before so would you like to tell a story.

Carmel: So nine months ago I was extremely exhausted, tired and just run down and I thought for a long time that it was just having kids and working and running around.

Dr. Levi: How many kids you got?

Carmel: Two, two boys under the age of 5.

Dr. Levi: Yeah we’ve got one here haven’t we?

Carmel: We do

Dr. Levi: Jacob we’re not having you in the photo okay? Not today (jokingly). So keep going.

Carmel: Yeah, basically we went to the doctor’s a few times. They told me it was vitamin D deficiency and all those things and then eventually, we found out that when we tried a few quizzes and found that you know, to try this sleep apnea machine.

Dr. Levi: So you felt really pretty.

Carmel: Really tired to the point of depression basically. Just exhausted, crying all the time and moody.

Dr. Levi: Really? Crying all the time.

Carmel: Crying all the time because I didn’t know why I was so tired, I was driving the car and couldn’t keep my eyes open and it’s actually getting pretty dangerous.

Dr. Levi: Oh, you poor thing. You’re really must have been hitting the bottom. So, how long did it take? There’s always fascinates me. How long did it actually take for someone to say, have a sleep test?

Carmel: Probably a few months and it was basically me being at the doctor’s crying. Then the doctor said, “Okay something serious is going on.” He gave me the test and asked “is this you?” and I checked all the boxes and I was like “this is me.”

Dr. Levi: So he gave you a form to fill out and then at what point did the doctor say let’s go and get a proper home sleep test?

Carmel: Pretty much after I checked every single box.

Dr. Levi: Right, and that’s when we saw you.

Carmel: Yes

Dr. Levi: Alright, okay so how did we get you so happy?

Carmel: Pretty much after the first test, I think it was a few weeks after that. I basically think it was waking up or finding it hard to breathe at 99 times an hour.

Dr. Levi: Say that again.

Carmel: 99 times an hour.

Dr. Levi: You weren’t breathing properly?

Carmel: Yes

Dr. Levi: 99 times an hour, Oh my God!

Carmel: Pretty shocking. Then a night with one of the machines, I realized I got to work without falling asleep in the car and it just got better from there.

Dr. Levi: So we gave you a machine to use, did we? You’re a CPAP user. We gave you a machine straight off because you’re so bad. How did that process go? How did you cope getting used to it?

Carmel: I don’t know. I think for me, it was either having the machine and breathing better. Getting a good night sleep and feeling better or not putting that thing on my face and feeling like a crap the next day. So there’s a pretty easy decision.

Dr. Levi: Really?

Carmel: Yes, and it has absolutely changed my life. I feel better, sleep better, I’m awake, I can drive anywhere and not feel tired. I can play with the kids and not feeling exhausted. So, it’s really amazing.

Dr. Levi: Really? I must admit you walked into the office pretty bubbly and brightness and you’re too young still, you’re only a youngster.

Carmel: Yeah definitely, I’m back in the gym and just feeling good, really good.

Dr. Levi: Fantastic! So the team looks after you and they were nice to you.

Carmel: They’re incredible. Ellie is amazing. We had chats and she pretty much saw me at my lowest of lows. She saw what I was like from when I first started using the machine. Just walking and I’m feeling completely different.

Dr. Levi: I’m just curious, did anybody even try medicating you on antidepressants?

Carmel: No

Dr. Levi: That’s good.

Carmel: We haven’t got that far a little close but no.

Dr. Levi: Well, you’re a success story girl.

Carmel: I’am (smile)

Dr. Levi: We’re really thrilled that Dr. Levi Sleep Clinic could help you out.

Carmel: Thank you.

Dr. Levi: No, really. We are generously grateful that you had the generosity of spirit to do this little video to help other people.

Carmel: The least I can do.

Dr. Levi: Thanks a lot.

Carmel: Thank you.

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