We are still here for you!

We are now 100% online – consultations, sleep tests and therapies

We wanted to share with you how we’re responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) as we all continue to come to terms with this unprecedented and extraordinary time.

At Lullaby Sleep, our key focus is to ensure that we keep our patients, teams & families safe and supported you as best we can.  All our staff are now one step ahead and fully trained to work online.

Lullaby Sleep have embraced remote online video consults and remote online treatment / CPAP services. At this time, we have decided in the best interests of patients and staff safety to provide all our consultations and treatment services via our remote online system. We have had a lot of compliments from clients telling us they prefer this service, especially when movements are restricted.

All our services are available via Video / Phone Consult, including:

·         Sleep Physicians Consults;

·         Sleep Therapists Consults;

·         Sleep Test setups;

·         CPAP Trial set ups;

·         CPAP Consults, Mask adjustments and Troubleshooting;

·         Sleep Disorder Treatment Consults

·         Equipment Purchases and many more

We are still open for business!

For more information, please contact us or visit our website LullabySleep.com.au

Yours Sincerely,

Lullaby Sleep Team