Experience the New Upgraded CPAP Machine

Dr Levi: Kerry had a CPAP machine, she wanted to travel, so she drove 6 hours and found this all the way from Orange. She found this in the city in Sydney. We made her an appliance that she worked for a couple of years. Then we upgraded it to a new appliance in American appliance from the old Canadian appliance. She had it in her mouth for two days, so Kerry, say hello for 60 seconds. How are you doing? Why did you come here? How’s it going?

Kerry: Well, because I want something different in CPAP machine. More freedom, not worrying about electricity filing or anything like that. The new device, two days in, the second night was certainly better than the first. I think I had a better quality of sleep.

Dr Levi: How is the old appliance?

Kerry: It was very good too. But,

Dr Levi: We upgraded you to a better appliance.

Kerry: Nearly three years I had that one so I think,

Dr Levi: Is the new one feel amazingly better?

Kerry: Oh, Much much better. It seems more stable. The other one could move backward supports to a certain extinct. I think this is much better.

Dr. Levi: Excellent! Worth the drive from Orange. Thanks, Kerry!

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